Game Night

It being a Friday, its traditionally ‘Game-Night’.

My small social group generally consists of geeks/nerds. For years ( now that I think of it, well over a decade ) we have been playing pen and paper RPG’s consistantly.

Dungeons & Dragons, Legend of the Five Rings, Call of Cthulhu, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Dark Heresy & Deathwatch. We generally rotate throughout this list with different people running campaigns from time to time.

Tonight, we are continuing a L5R campaign. Fingers-crossed my Tsuruchi Archer Bounty Hunter won’t be killed, or if it comes to that, a heroic demise would be pretty awesome.

Bleh, enough rambling.


Forever a battle…

Trying to get some drawing done but as always, it feels like a never-ending battle to get graphite to paper.  I miss the times when I could just doodle and I shall be trying to rediscover how I used to do it.

Primarily, I think I am too hung up on the feeling that my drawing isn’t good enough. This is turn compels me to not draw at all. I need to be less concerned about the end result and just draw. I will improve as time goes by, I just need to spend those hours working to get there.

Started a drawing a few days ago, my ultramarine character from SpaceMarine. Working on the shading now and I’m having trouble getting an even tone.

Also, I really want one of these, Wacom Inkling.

Bye for now :)

Sudden case of activity

Surprisingly, I did actually get a lot of stuff done that I would normally procrastinate on.

My computer has been suffering with a dodgy sound-card for a long time now but the instability has escalated to the point where I finally removed the card. Some hunting later yielded a daughter-board for some on-board sound functionality. I’m happy to say that it’s currently installed and working a treat.

I have also gotten some cleaning and tidying done and dismantled the light-box on my drawing table so I can use it again.

Will either start on some doodling or miniature work. Would like to do a Deathwatch Drop-pod. Would definitely be a fun weathering project.

Been doodling an Adeptus Sororitas character but it’s a bit of a mess. Might upload a scan or photo soon.

Out and about plus I got mail!

Hi hi,

Nothing hugely important to post about :)   No harm in trying to develop a posting habit though.

While out shopping earlier, I was delighted to find some Cherry Coke! Haven’t seen this stuff in years! Woo hoo. Hope it’s still as good as I remember.

Also, parcel delivery this morning :) My revoltech Skeleton warrior finally arrived from HobbyLink Japan. Been a while waiting for this one and I’m looking forward to doing some photos soon.

Apologies for crappy photos, camera on my phone is pretty woeful.

A return to doodling

Have finished my 3 months of temporary contract work so I’m currently a free agent.

Will definitely use this free time to get some desperately needed drawing done. Been months since I’ve done anything remotely creative.

A few days to get settled into a new routine and I’ll start doodling again :)

For my viewing pleasure…

Looking at getting a LED Tv for my room so I can finally play Xbox properly in bed.

Have reserved something decent at Argos and will hopefully pick it up on Thursday when I’m off.

I have Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood still in its wrapping and it’s screaming out to be played.

Still haven’t worked out the actualy logistics of where to put afore-mentioned tv but I’ll work something out.

Ps.  I miss drawing :(

The photoshop is now closed.

Finally finished processing all the photos for my cousin’s wedding :)

Glad it’s all done, the dvd is burned and waiting to be posted.

Been watching 2×2=Shinobuden recently and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I do like random bizzare anime, doubly so when there are ninjas involved.

I miss being able to doodle, I really need to do some soon.