jQuery and eBooks

Xmas shall be coming early for myself and my girlfriend, well the gifts will at least. I have ordered a Sony Reader PRS 650 for Rei and myself and I hope to have a paws on them early next week. Looks like a very nice piece of kit :) I’ll try and resist giving Rei hers until xmas >:)

Coding a new site at the moment, a local jewellry. I’ve done photography work for them previously, ironically, the photos were for their website <.<  Their website should have been launched last year but the coder they had seems to have lost interest or something. Haven’t really gotten a solid design in my head but I’m currently gathering bits of code and putting stuff together. Have done a nice automated css slideshow with jQuery using this awesome work here.

Also, the wait continues for the Wacom Inkling to become available. I really want!

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