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Game Night

It being a Friday, its traditionally ‘Game-Night’. My small social group generally consists of geeks/nerds. For years ( now that I think of it, well over a decade ) we have been playing pen and paper RPG’s consistantly. Dungeons & Dragons, Legend of the Five Rings, Call of Cthulhu, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Dark Heresy & Deathwatch. We generally rotate throughout

Forever a battle…

Trying to get some drawing done but as always, it feels like a never-ending battle to get graphite to paper.  I miss the times when I could just doodle and I shall be trying to rediscover how I used to do it. Primarily, I think I am too hung up on the feeling that my drawing isn’t good enough. This

Sudden case of activity

Surprisingly, I did actually get a lot of stuff done that I would normally procrastinate on. My computer has been suffering with a dodgy sound-card for a long time now but the instability has escalated to the point where I finally removed the card. Some hunting later yielded a daughter-board for some on-board sound functionality. I’m happy to say that

Out and about plus I got mail!

Hi hi, Nothing hugely important to post about   No harm in trying to develop a posting habit though. While out shopping earlier, I was delighted to find some Cherry Coke! Haven’t seen this stuff in years! Woo hoo. Hope it’s still as good as I remember. Also, parcel delivery this morning My revoltech Skeleton warrior finally arrived from HobbyLink

A return to doodling

Have finished my 3 months of temporary contract work so I’m currently a free agent. Will definitely use this free time to get some desperately needed drawing done. Been months since I’ve done anything remotely creative. A few days to get settled into a new routine and I’ll start doodling again

For my viewing pleasure…

Looking at getting a LED Tv for my room so I can finally play Xbox properly in bed. Have reserved something decent at Argos and will hopefully pick it up on Thursday when I’m off. I have Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood still in its wrapping and it’s screaming out to be played. Still haven’t worked out the actualy logistics of where

The photoshop is now closed.

Finally finished processing all the photos for my cousin’s wedding Glad it’s all done, the dvd is burned and waiting to be posted. Been watching 2×2=Shinobuden recently and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I do like random bizzare anime, doubly so when there are ninjas involved. I miss being able to doodle, I really need to do