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Sniper Elite V2

Been playing the demo for Snipe Elite V2 since it was released on Steam. Still on the fence about this game in terms of openness and freedom to choose how to tackle scenarios and such. Will probably wait for a full review before I make any decisions. Did do a short vid with a bunch of killshots Pew pew!

Deviant Art Spam

Recently I made my first sale on Deviant art, a whopping $0.17 profit for me! All this lead me to wonder if selling on Deviant Art is a viable source of income. So I decided to upload a bunch of decent pictures that I have taken over the last few years to see if anything comes from it. Just

Sweeney Todd was here.

Flatmates cat had a trip to the vet yesterday and while he was there, the cat was shaved. Shaved is perhaps not the correct word, more like butchered.

jQuery and eBooks

Xmas shall be coming early for myself and my girlfriend, well the gifts will at least. I have ordered a Sony Reader PRS 650 for Rei and myself and I hope to have a paws on them early next week. Looks like a very nice piece of kit I’ll try and resist giving Rei hers until xmas >:) Coding a

Game Night

It being a Friday, its traditionally ‘Game-Night’. My small social group generally consists of geeks/nerds. For years ( now that I think of it, well over a decade ) we have been playing pen and paper RPG’s consistantly. Dungeons & Dragons, Legend of the Five Rings, Call of Cthulhu, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Dark Heresy & Deathwatch. We generally rotate throughout

Forever a battle…

Trying to get some drawing done but as always, it feels like a never-ending battle to get graphite to paper.  I miss the times when I could just doodle and I shall be trying to rediscover how I used to do it. Primarily, I think I am too hung up on the feeling that my drawing isn’t good enough. This