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More doodling

Work was quiet enough for me to get a little drawing done today A asset and information retrieval specialist forum Umbrella Corp.

Making the Step to Digital Painting

As usual, I haven’t been drawing for quite sometime but I’m looking to pick up a pencil and do some scribbling again. Also, this time, I’m going to try and step more into the digital process. I have amazon bringing me an Intuos 5 next week and I’m really looking forward to that. I have been watching some excellent video

Only War!!

Really looking forward to the release of this Fantasy Flight corebook Currently getting the miniatures together for a beta test of the game Leman Russ, Enginseer, Stormtrooper and Tank Operator.  Hope to upload a bunch of pics of the minis as I do them. Have some ideas for the campaign but it will take some work.


Forged from awesome

Eventhough it was a very warm day, I braved the heat of the oven to craft these magnificient cupcakes!