More doodling

Work was quiet enough for me to get a little drawing done today :)

A asset and information retrieval specialist forum Umbrella Corp.

Making the Step to Digital Painting

As usual, I haven’t been drawing for quite sometime but I’m looking to pick up a pencil and do some scribbling again.

Also, this time, I’m going to try and step more into the digital process.

I have amazon bringing me an Intuos 5 next week and I’m really looking forward to that.


I have been watching some excellent video tutorials by Matt Kohr and I’m really anxious to step into digital painting and finally getting started into colours.

Matt has some excellent videos on getting started with painting in photoshop as well as worksheets and exercises to practice techniques.

Only War!!

Really looking forward to the release of this Fantasy Flight corebook :)

Fantasy Flight's Only War

Currently getting the miniatures together for a beta test of the game :)

Leman Russ, Enginseer, Stormtrooper and Tank Operator.  Hope to upload a bunch of pics of the minis as I do them. Have some ideas for the campaign but it will take some work.


Forged from awesome

Eventhough it was a very warm day, I braved the heat of the oven to craft these magnificient cupcakes!

Forged from awesome

Sniper Elite V2

Been playing the demo for Snipe Elite V2 since it was released on Steam. Still on the fence about this game in terms of openness and freedom to choose how to tackle scenarios and such. Will probably wait for a full review before I make any decisions.

Did do a short vid with a bunch of killshots :)

Pew pew! :P

Deviant Art Spam

Recently I made my first sale on Deviant art, a whopping $0.17 profit for me!

All this lead me to wonder if selling on Deviant Art is a viable source of income. So I decided to upload a bunch of decent pictures that I have taken over the last few years to see if anything comes from it. Just in case someone wants to have a peek ^^

Buy something, please! pleeeeeeeease!  or if not, tell your friends :P

Sweeney Todd was here.

Flatmates cat had a trip to the vet yesterday and while he was there, the cat was shaved. Shaved is perhaps not the correct word, more like butchered.

Shouju, vicitim of treachery

Shouju, vicitim of treachery

jQuery and eBooks

Xmas shall be coming early for myself and my girlfriend, well the gifts will at least. I have ordered a Sony Reader PRS 650 for Rei and myself and I hope to have a paws on them early next week. Looks like a very nice piece of kit :) I’ll try and resist giving Rei hers until xmas >:)

Coding a new site at the moment, a local jewellry. I’ve done photography work for them previously, ironically, the photos were for their website <.<  Their website should have been launched last year but the coder they had seems to have lost interest or something. Haven’t really gotten a solid design in my head but I’m currently gathering bits of code and putting stuff together. Have done a nice automated css slideshow with jQuery using this awesome work here.

Also, the wait continues for the Wacom Inkling to become available. I really want!